Fly me to the Moon!!!

Digital Robot Viewer for Phase2


The bottom view of JAWR bot. You can see the EOPD, wheels, and claw.





The top view of JAWR bot. You can see the claw, front wheels, and compass sensor





The left view of JAWR bot. You can see the Wheels, compass sensor, and claw.





The rear view of JAWR bot. You can see the compass sensor, rear EOPD, and wheels.





This is the right side of JAWR bot. You can see the wheels, claw, and the compass sensor here.





This is the top of JAWR bot. You can see the claw and compass sensor.






In terms of sensors, we use a compass sensor, two EOPDs,  and an ultrasonic sensor. In terms of motor use, we have a “barbaric” mechanical claw, and two large thin rubber wheels. The last thing to know about is the plastic wheels.

THE COMPASS SENSOR The compass sensor we placed up high so that it would get the least amount of magnetic interference. We also secured it very tight to get an accurate reading.  We use the compass sensor to find a certain direction to turn the robot to. The difficulty with the compass sensor was that we had to set it when ever we moved to new places. However, we put a system in our program to make it so that we only had to change one variable. You can learn more if you listen to the MapDir talk. One problem with the compass sensor is that it would be nearly impossible to use just the compass sensor, because it just tells you what direction the robot is facing. That is one reason why we integrated it with the ultrasonic sensor.

THE ULTRASONIC SENSOR works together with the compass sensor to measure the distance to the wall giving us an more exact idea of our location on the board.

THE REAR EOPD SENSOR The rear EOPD sensor is used to see the bump after we go over.

THE UNDERSIDE EOPD  The underside EOPD tells us when the front wheels were at the top of the ridge. When it sees that the wheels are at the top, it tells the robot to boost over the ridge.

Click here and choose Save as “JAWRbot.L3B” locally then open in SR 3D Builder to view the complete 3D CAD model.


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