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Yipeeee!!!! 3rd place!


Back to the grindstone

Jack blogging at the moment,

Got back from two full weeks of camping, and I’m all refreshed and ready to go. It was nice to be out in the non-technological world for a while. Well, time to get back to work!

P.S. I think my dog thinks that my mind was taken over by MoonBots.

Lunar Lord’s update week 3

Lunar Lords update week 2

Being the Little Sister

I’m the little sister for the Lunar Lords,  too young to be on the team officially, but Moonbots is still really fun for me.

It’s my hand on that camera taking the videos, and I hopped right on the chance of moving props.  You’ll see me in the Bloopers and Out Takes!    Can you guess what I am videoing in the picture?

Being little can be really really fun, especially when it comes to big projects like moonbots(even if I’m to little to be official)

See you on the Moon!


bloopers and out takes

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