Fly me to the Moon!!!

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Moonbots 2011

A Google Lunar X Prize LEGO MINDSTORMS Challenge team, the Lunar Lords is two homeschooled families who are doing a LEGO competition. The competition is a simulation of the actual Google Lunar X Prize Teams and their competition to send a robot to the moon. One of the homeschoolers did MoonBots 1, and all of them have done math competitions. They are trying to put the “STE”(Science, Technology, Engineering) on their “M” (Math) to make “STEM”(science, technology, engineering, and math).


Comments on: "About the Team" (6)

  1. Aunt Amy said:

    Hi Lunar Lords,
    What an amazing website. I learned about robots, new ideas to solve our for energy needs and of course legos. I was impressed with your creativity and enthusiasm for this project. Good luck! Keep me posted on your progress.
    Aunt Amy

  2. Hello LL,
    Wow!!!!! You have done some really AWESOME work.
    Best of luck to all of you in Phase 2, and enjoy your journey to the lunar surface!!!!!

    Evan Goff
    FLL and MoonBots Coach (St. Louis, MO): G.I.R.L.S. and Cool Like Einstein
    (and a homeschool dad ;-))

    • Thanks for checking out the video and for the kudos! Were you a coach last year, also? We are all very surprised and excited to be a part of the competition. Now the real work begins…

  3. Keep up the good work! We liked your Scrabble Video!

    Chanda- Google Lunar X PRIZE

  4. Barbara C said:

    Greetings Lunar Lords,
    You are amazing. I am so impressed by your outstanding work ethic, your creativity, and your knowledge. What you have been able to build with LEGOS is awesome. Keep up the good work. I am so proud of you.

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