Fly me to the Moon!!!


Comments on: "Lunar Lords update week 1" (3)

  1. Art Behrman said:

    You guy’s are killing me…. In a good way. does it say anything anywhere about what was accomplished in this video besides fun?? Not that there is anything wrong with just fun. Who does the video editing? I completely look forward to next weeks update.

    Uncle Art

    • Dear Uncle Art,

      Rose here (William and I are on the same math team). I work with the videos.

      Thank you for looking at our blog.

      We are having fun because LEGO makes things FUN!

      We are also learning lots:

      We have been learning about CAD which is how to build a robot on a computer.
      We learned Omnigraffle which is how you draw pictures to make the STEM flyer
      We have learned about email to invite people to our STEM project
      We learned what a blog is, and how to post on WordPress on the internet.
      We learned power point to keep track of pictures and videos and test result charts
      We learned about iphoto and how to work a digital camera and download pictures
      We learned about imovie and how to make movies
      We learned about youtube which is how you put movies on a blog
      We learned NXG which is the regular way to program NXTs
      We are learning Lab View which is a stronger (harder) way program an NXT

      We are learning how to build a robot, make it strong, durable, accurate, and turn without getting dizzy.

      yes it is fun and
      yes we are learning and
      yes please stay tuned for the next weekly update.


      • Art Behrman said:

        Well OK then! Very awesome. I am watching so keep up the good work and play.

        Uncle A.

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