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math and NXT world

Andrew here…..I have been learning soooo much

Let me tell you about one difference between math world and NXT world.

In math world, everything is perfect.  So, for example, you can divide both sides of an equation by the number 4 and nothing changes.  It works perfectly every time.  I have found that in the NXT world, however, things are not as perfect.  So now if you divide one side by 4, you better test to see if the other side is actually 4 times larger.  In fact you better test that several times and take an average value.  then you can try it on the other side.

Right now, math seems like a perfect heaven and NXT seems like the real, imperfect world.

philosophy 101


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Lunar Lord’s update week 3

Lunar Lords update week 2

Lunar Lords update week 1

Being the Little Sister

I’m the little sister for the Lunar Lords,  too young to be on the team officially, but Moonbots is still really fun for me.

It’s my hand on that camera taking the videos, and I hopped right on the chance of moving props.  You’ll see me in the Bloopers and Out Takes!    Can you guess what I am videoing in the picture?

Being little can be really really fun, especially when it comes to big projects like moonbots(even if I’m to little to be official)

See you on the Moon!


Video Essay

bloopers and out takes

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