Fly me to the Moon!!!

Ballerina on the Moon!

Ballet class is all about hard work, structure and making things perfect.  There are lots of friends but it is strict focus during class. When I get on stage it is totally different- I feel free;  it is exciting and it doesn’t feel like hard work anymore.  It just kind of happens, I don’t think about anything….. I just enjoy the dance.

So you are probably wondering what’s up with a ballerina on the moon.

Well you see, my practical parents pointed out that no one can do ballet forever, so I needed a plan B.   I decided I will dance as long as I can and then become a Dr. to help the ballerinas with their sore knees and feet.   To do this I need science.  So I guess I needed to put some S T E M on my B (ballet).  Any way I signed up for a science fair and I used  the focus and discipline from ballet with my project.   In the end I got some really cool prizes such as first place in my category and grade, and Fast Learning Youth award (with cash) and Washigton State Science Student of the Year.   I learned that science is kinda cool, and that I can do anything if I try.   I think I will always love dance best, but I’m glad to explore science now.

So what about the moon?  Moonbots has been fun because I got to use my love of art in the video project and I got to learn lots of cool things about space and science.   In phase two I look forward doing the service project and sharing how much fun science can be with other kids who might not know much about science yet.

See you on the moon!


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