Fly me to the Moon!!!

Mission Accomplished!

Mums’  here….  first blog ever…..

I am so proud of you, Lunar Lords.

You accomplished your mission on time, and didn’t need the extension.  Yours is the third video up;  I’m proud of your time management.

I am proud of how you related to each other.  You found the right balance of hard work and friendship.  That makes strong teams.  You are right that the people are the most important part of any project.  NASA could not have accomplished all it did in the 60s without the right people. Remember that and you will go far.

I’m proud of your leadership, Andrew, and your flexibility in providing more or less structure as the team needed.

I’m proud of your artistic skill, William, and your amazing insights into engineering design.

I’m proud of your enthusiasm and communication skills, Jack; it was fun to see this new side of you.

I’m proud of your video taping and editing skills, Rose; you learned a lot and added a lot to this phase.

All of you did excellent research, wrote engaging scripts and did a super job videotaping and editing your work.  Whatever comes next, I hope you are proud of your achievement.  Moonbots would be lucky to have you;  I know I am!


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