Fly me to the Moon!!!

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It was great to hang out with friends at the Science Center.  We checked out the Gemini capsule.  There was room for two people. One of the big accomplishments of the Gemini was to be able to do spacewalks called EVA (ExtraVehicularActivity)   The Capsule had a cool recording of a real mission.  There were an amazing number of buttons inside.   We also saw the Hubble video in 3D.  I was impressed that a small mistake of only 10nanometers in grinding the mirror made Hubble a useless, expensive piece of orbiting space junk.  Fortunately they were able to go back up with some contact lenses so now it is awesome.

It is off to Canada now for the first sunny weekend of the year!


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  1. Wow! You guys must really be excited about this project! You are so lucky to be learning new things about the Moon and going into space. Good luck!

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