Fly me to the Moon!!!

Jack bloging right now. Today we went to the Pacific Science Center, and did some filming inside the little model of the Gemini space capsule. After that, we played around. The water was drained at the water park, but we did some other stuff. We went to the IMax theater and saw the Hubble telescope video. The Hubble telescope is a big telescope orbiting the earth that takes pictures in outer space. The pictures it takes are most of the pictures of outer space that we see. It takes pictures of “star nurseries” that have multiple stars inside a canyon of gas clouds.  It takes pictures of stars exploding. It takes pictures of black holes that aren’t really black. It needs to be repaired every so often, and repairing it is like “doing a brain surgery with oven mitts,” says one of the astronauts. We also went to the butterfly exibit, and butterflies landed on everybody in our group. After doing more exciting stuff, we went and looked at mazes on the ground outside the Center. After that we raced to the car to be out of the parking garage when we were supposed to. We go to the Flight Museum next week.


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