Fly me to the Moon!!!

Catherine on the Moon

Today we have caught up with little sister, Catherine.  She has agreed to talk with us about what it will be like on the moon.

LL: Catherine, would do you feel about going to the moon?

Catherine:  It would be fun.  Fun and cool.

LL: That’s right.  It is quite cool, or should I say cold, on the moon at night.  What type of clothes would you plan to take with you?

Catherine:  Space suits, because you will have to go out in space suits so you can breath air.  The space suit would keep me warm at night, and it would keep me the right temperature during the day when temperatures can get up to 110 degrees Celcius.

LL: What sort of food would you eat?

Catherine: Dried Ice Cream!!  No just kidding. We would eat all kinds of dried food.

LL: Well, thank you for your time.  We’ve enjoyed speaking with you today.

Catherine: Bye-bye!


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