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Ballerina on the Moon!

Ballet class is all about hard work, structure and making things perfect.  There are lots of friends but it is strict focus during class. When I get on stage it is totally different- I feel free;  it is exciting and it doesn’t feel like hard work anymore.  It just kind of happens, I don’t think about anything….. I just enjoy the dance.

So you are probably wondering what’s up with a ballerina on the moon.

Well you see, my practical parents pointed out that no one can do ballet forever, so I needed a plan B.   I decided I will dance as long as I can and then become a Dr. to help the ballerinas with their sore knees and feet.   To do this I need science.  So I guess I needed to put some S T E M on my B (ballet).  Any way I signed up for a science fair and I used  the focus and discipline from ballet with my project.   In the end I got some really cool prizes such as first place in my category and grade, and Fast Learning Youth award (with cash) and Washigton State Science Student of the Year.   I learned that science is kinda cool, and that I can do anything if I try.   I think I will always love dance best, but I’m glad to explore science now.

So what about the moon?  Moonbots has been fun because I got to use my love of art in the video project and I got to learn lots of cool things about space and science.   In phase two I look forward doing the service project and sharing how much fun science can be with other kids who might not know much about science yet.

See you on the moon!


Spaceships in Victoria

Andrew here…….I recently took an exciting trip to Victoria.  Among the many new activities was a visit to Miniature World.  The very first display was an extremely detailed futuristic space scene.  The part that really caught my attention was a giant space station ship that had many smaller ships coming and going.  When the display was built the scene was purely science fiction, but now, in my generation, we can create something like that for real. Another favorite was a touch sensitive electric panel that we could use in our video.  It was a good trip.  See you on the moon!

Mission Accomplished!

Mums’  here….  first blog ever…..

I am so proud of you, Lunar Lords.

You accomplished your mission on time, and didn’t need the extension.  Yours is the third video up;  I’m proud of your time management.

I am proud of how you related to each other.  You found the right balance of hard work and friendship.  That makes strong teams.  You are right that the people are the most important part of any project.  NASA could not have accomplished all it did in the 60s without the right people. Remember that and you will go far.

I’m proud of your leadership, Andrew, and your flexibility in providing more or less structure as the team needed.

I’m proud of your artistic skill, William, and your amazing insights into engineering design.

I’m proud of your enthusiasm and communication skills, Jack; it was fun to see this new side of you.

I’m proud of your video taping and editing skills, Rose; you learned a lot and added a lot to this phase.

All of you did excellent research, wrote engaging scripts and did a super job videotaping and editing your work.  Whatever comes next, I hope you are proud of your achievement.  Moonbots would be lucky to have you;  I know I am!

Lunar Lords

Lunar Lords Team Photo

Lunar Lords in space

Rose @SciCentr

Rose here

I liked being in the realistic Gemini Capsule. It’s cool scientists learned to miniaturize electronics in order to do this mission.  They must have been really brave.

Oh, and I have one important safety tip on watching a 3D Hubble video,  keep your glasses on or you’ll start feeling sick!

Pacific Science Center!

Andrew’s Blog

It was great to hang out with friends at the Science Center.  We checked out the Gemini capsule.  There was room for two people. One of the big accomplishments of the Gemini was to be able to do spacewalks called EVA (ExtraVehicularActivity)   The Capsule had a cool recording of a real mission.  There were an amazing number of buttons inside.   We also saw the Hubble video in 3D.  I was impressed that a small mistake of only 10nanometers in grinding the mirror made Hubble a useless, expensive piece of orbiting space junk.  Fortunately they were able to go back up with some contact lenses so now it is awesome.

It is off to Canada now for the first sunny weekend of the year!

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