Fly me to the Moon!!!

Yipeeee!!!! 3rd place!

MapDir myblock

Click this video to see video of the MyBlock that was used to accurately align the robot to a compass heading.


We were sooooooooo nervous about the interview  this morning but it was really reeeeeeally fun!  Moonbots Rocks!

Now we are off to do the final prep for  our stem fair and then its time for the big stem fair outreach party!

This is our BIG day!


Lunar Lords update week 6


Back to the grindstone

Jack blogging at the moment,

Got back from two full weeks of camping, and I’m all refreshed and ready to go. It was nice to be out in the non-technological world for a while. Well, time to get back to work!

P.S. I think my dog thinks that my mind was taken over by MoonBots.

Andrew here,

I’ve noticed something.   For each problem we need to decide between using a mechanical solution or a programming solution.  It’s a big difference.

Originally I thought that the He3 pickup would need a programming solution but after some experimenting, I found that it actually needed a mechanical one.  On the other hand, I thought that going over the bump would need a mechanical solution, but I found that it really takes a programming one.    Making the right choice makes a big difference.

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